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's getting cash for clunkers and what are they buying; and a science story about using forensic testing to determine the age of ivory tusks. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what is that energy came from an energy company? everyday, chevron invests $62 million in people, in ideas-- seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. intel. supporting math and science education for tomorrow's innovators. the atlantic philanthropies. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: the u.s. senate confirmed sonia sotomayor to the nation's highest court today. the federal appeals judge will now become the first hispanic justice and the third woman to sit on the unite
photographed, but u.s. forces have been on an intense hunt for baitullah mehsud, the leader of the talupon. unarmed drones, the weapon of choice, have been closing in on him for weeks and, today, u.s. and pakistani officials are saying they think mehsud has finally been killed by one of those strikes. martha raddatz is in washington tonight. good evening. >>> senior officials tell abc news president obama was detailed today on why the u.s. believes there are strong indication said butullea mehsud is dead. his back is to the camera in this rare video of him. he's enemy number one in pakistan, believed to be behind some of the most spectacular attacks in that country, including the assassination of benazir bhutto. u.s. officials consider him a grave threat as well. the nexus of all terror groups in pakistan. the u.s. and pakistan have been trying to track mehsud for months. nine of the last ten cia drone strikes have been aimed add his network, but u.s. and pakistani officials believe a strike in south waziristan yesterday likely killed him. omps saying there's a 95% chance he's among the de
and the senate, are they going to be willing to be on the same plan they are asking us to be on? >> in fact, several democratic members of congress now have canceled their town hall meetings, we learned, at least one, represent brad miller of north carolina, is saying, he has gotten a death threat. that's what he is saying. now, if you were with us here tuesday, when we first started following the story, you heard a charge by a congressman, congressman lloyd doggett who joined me here. on video, you see him being chased from this forum on to a parking lot. he told us this isn't some ground swell of grass roots rage. he says it is being coordinated and scripted. >> i think the script is des sem nated through the republican party and websites that they are going through and through some of the private organizations that are helping orchestrate all this. >> now, i should say that there does seem to be some evidence that the congressman may be right at least in some part. i, and my staff, have watched video after video of some of these meetings. we hear many of the same slogans repeated again a
us. >> parents say their kids have been abandoned. and that they think that the city is to blame. rec and parks, said as of july 1st, that department can no longer provide recreational programming at the center because the facility is not suitable for viable programs. the center is a wing of carter g woodson elementary middle and in the hands of the baltimore city schools. school officials have not decided what to do with the center. in the meantime, dozens of kids have written letters to the mayor, begging for her help. and parents say the mayor is their last option. >> i mean, she is the leader of our on city. she is the one that makes or breaks this community as far as i am concerned. and if she is not behind us, as much as we have been behind her, then, i just, think that's a sad situation. >> as of now, the center will shut its doors this friday. reporting live at city hall. karen parks fox 45 news "late edition". >> a baltimore city woman is denied permission to install a windmill on her roof. she says it would cut energy costs and improve the environment. but neighbors say it i
're not clashing. very interesting. a little bit of a pullback yesterday here in the u.s. we snapped a four-session winning streak. this morning, it looks as though the futures right now are looking to the upside. we've got dow futures up by fair value by about 30 points or so. nasdaq futures are a bit below, dragging down cautious comments coming from john chambers at cisco. he says he thinks the economy is turning the corner. there are questions about cisco's organization and how they're managing the company these days. as far as the bond market is concerned, today it's all about the fate of quantitative easing. we're waiting to hear from the ecb, the boe and, of course, we do have here in the u.s. the jobs picture that we're going to be watching. the ten-year bund is at 3.38% and we've got the ten-year note coming back down in terms of the yield. a little bit yesterday having reached a high of 3.76%. we now know how much the quarterly funding is going to be. we're going to see at least $23 billion in ten years next week being auctioned. gold is easing off despite the weakness in the cora
would always be kind of aside and smaller. and it would be all three of us. she drew a picture and i was the sister and it was just her and i. and i didn't even know what to say. you know. i still have to say, thank you, hon, that's a beautiful picture. deep down inside, she didn't include her mother which really made me sad. >> hard to imagine what it was like for this family thinking there was a chance hannah might not see her mother for another 12 years. for laura ling, it was a husband and family waiting for her. a sushi dinner and perhaps mother's essential watercress soup which she's been keeping warm the last few days in anticipation. al gore spoke briefly today. his farmer boss, bill clinton, though, did not. president obama spoke of relief and gratitude where laura ling, silence for months, spoke at length. when she did, people across the country seemed to choke up a little. >> 30 hours ago euna lee and i were prisoners in north korea. we feared that at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. and then suddenly we were told that we were going to a meeting. we were t
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" "worldfocus" "worldfocus" -- >> u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton pledges to expand america's support for somalia's weak interim government. >>> americans may be busy trading their clunkers for new cars. in the west african nation of benin, we show you the booming business that brings new life to old automobiles. >>> spy in the sky. israel launches a new kind of surveillance play that can go from backpack to front lines in just minutes. >>> and pity poor latvia. crushed by the economic downturn, it's snoufring a new problem, british bachelors gone wild. >>> good evening, i'm martin savid savidge. it's been quite a week for clinton family, with bill clinton capturing headlines in north korea the last two days. today it was hillary clinton in africa. the secretary of state was talking tough about islamic extremists in somalia and offering to expand and extend american support to that very tenuous government in that country. she said the militants there see somalia as a future haven for global terrorism. in tonight's lead focus, we look at clinton's vi
. the full senate officially confirming federal appeals court judge sonia sotomayor to sit on the u.s. supreme court. the final vote 68-31 for the nominee raised in the bronx and educated in the ivies. >> the nomination of sonia sotomayor of new york to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> just like that, our nation will get its first hispanic justice. a woman nominated by our nation's first african-american president. the president spoke minutes after the vote. >> and with this hispanic -- historic vote, the senate has confirmed that judge sotomayor has the intellect, the history, the integrity and the independence of find ably serve on our nation's highest court. shepard: the president calling a wonderful day in america. not everyone seems to agree. 31 u.s. senators voted against her confirmation. many of them republicans. many expressed concerns biassed or prone to judicial activism. >> a philosophy that's consistent with the activist judicial philosophy. that is that she said openly that her opinions, her sympathies and her prejudices
the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> donald kirk is a correspondent for the christian science monitor. he has spent the past 12 years based in south korea. >> caller: i think it's a big deal in the sense that it says something about u.s./north korean relations. the fact that kim jong-il was glad to receive a high-profile american visitor in the form of bill clinton was certainly interesting. there's hope that perhaps it'll be possible to resume negotiations on one level or another. >> outside of the united states, reaction was mixed. in nairobi at a conference of african leaders, secretary of state hillary clinton told reporters, she was "excited' by the news. nonetheless, she reiterated america's hard line regarding north korea's nuclear program. >> they have a choice. they can continue to follow a path that is filled with provocative actions, or they can decide to renew their discussions. >> in south korea, reaction to the news of the release of lee and ling was noticeably subdued. north korea currently detains several hundred south koreans, some of
's had a very busy morning. howard is here to tell us if we will get heavier rain the rest of the day. >> i think we have seen the heaviest. south and east could get some but a light showery pattern and angie will blame me for the traffic issues. >> doing it all morning. >> but the afternoon will get better. teeserurat are urstruggling to bye onti ti you by especially, it, ay it is to lyto ike gufeau ke august. pae , eastthe pa east, 81 cle out harrisonburg, w neetma owtownlit to moderate gh ers t outhere. but meea t br, bras well. it is t noint nsracolyg intant the showers will couent into mi ni g adis weo thoughout rt ainly after the lunch ho thanat. r hogh. than that. howa o tcoks clar over to ney ol olney and rockville, a anfew showers to bwi. soheylrnarhe mr and ieavrain ie n reerowagn evto en rt north beach to plum point to hughsville and la plata. is is moving east northeast. on the weather computer. we will show you the on. e bapicture here. one bah tc showers from this morning raced up to new jersey and long island. s. wing with lingering er n. it vea momow fere hours a
>> good morning. >> thanks for joining us 4 "11 news today." -- for " 11 news today in." >> we are starting to see a change in the forecast. this has been a slow-moving front. a lot of areas for low pressure has developed. we have seen some whitening in some areas especially on the eastern shore. -- lightning in some areas, especially on the eastern shore. 78 degrees-83 degrees is the temperature range for today. we will be " for most of today. -- cool for most of today. tomorrow it will be mostly sunny. feeling really pleasant out there. something to look forward to. over to you. >> good morning. the votes are a little slick out there. we it -- the roads are a little slick out there. some possible delays. a transformer fire on courtney road. the inner loop on the beltway, an accident is off to the side. westbound no. still shut down -- the right lane closed. a week and doing quite well of the rise. we are not seeing any delays this morning. it is slick out there. no problems to report in terms of delays. an easy ride on i-95. that is the latest. >> thank you. as washington wor
corporations. what can we do for you? >> the u.s. and dips its toe again in somalia. it is not sending soldiers this time, it says, but military support and aid. three indians convicted of the 2003 mumbai tax get the death penalty. keeping watch on on -- on call sam -- uncle sam. coming up later for you, can jumping off rocks into the sea be safe? it sure it can, says the organizer of a new coastal pursuit. mourning the passing of sam the koala. hello to the u.s. secretary of state has publicly warned eritrea that the u.s. will take action against the country if it does not stop supporting militants in somalia. hillary clinton promises to expand help for somalia's week interim governments, threatened by al qaeda-linked terrorists. she met somalia's president today in kenya. >> a mark of respect for those killed during a terror attack 11 years ago in central nairobi. the american embassy was bombed, and the victims were mostly canyons. that attack was blamed on al qaeda. the american secretary of state believes threats of terrorism remain. >> it is an opportunity to renew our resolve. we need to
could think of that is that crazy has already been actually used by these people. there are these crazy conspiracy theories about health care reform on the one hand. and on the other hand there are these organized efforts to shut down political debate about health care by using angry crowds to take over town hall meetings and chase congressmen through parking lots. these two observable facts about the antihealth care reform forces, it turns out, are really one big thing. do yourself a favor if you have a moment and you're online and go to the website recess it's a very nice website. very slick. got a big stop sign right there in the middle above the list of all the town hall rallies they expect you to go to and disrupt. the tag line up there you can see is we the people say no to socialized health care. we the people. that's how the republican party has been describing these town hall takeovers, too. putting out a statement today saying democrats should stop being so upset about them. quote, what democrats call mob rule, the average american calls democracy. these kinds of de
of a senator in new jersey. by "us," i think he was talking to the latino community. what do you make of that? >> i think anybody who is going to cast a vote for or against a nominee based on the color of their skin, that is the wrong way to be making a decision. he and the latino activists can scream all they want. the people they are appealing to and that they are going to try to rev up are not likely republican voters in the first place. i do not think this is going to make a difference. you have people like orrin hatch, who has an excellent relationship with the latino community, he cast a vote against this woman. he has one of the best outreach policies of anyone in the senate. neil: when senator barack obama voted against samuel alito for the court, i do not know if there was an outcry, "it is going to hurt him with a italian-americans." i would hope we are beyond some silliness -- hurt him with italian-americans." >> we ought to be beyond that, too. race and gender do not block people's elevation to hire op- ed's any longer in america. it just does not happen -- elevation to higher ele
in health care centers so that we can deal with the needs of people today not using primary care facilities. but you are right. the bill will not be implemented overnight. it will take several years for it to be fully implemented. we have to have primary-care physicians in place before we have these requirements go into place. host: last question, a different topic the senate will vote on expanding the cash for clunkers program. how will you vote? guest: i will vote for it. it has been more successful than many of us thought. the milage increase has gone up 10 miles per gallon on new cars. it is beating feel efficiency and new cars by 20%. we are getting off the roads these cars and trucks, mainly trucks, that are very inefficient, and getting a much more efficient automobiles, and helping our economy and creating jobs, which a stimulus should do. it is good news. host: thank you for being here. we will take you live to capitol hill. this committee hearing is the senate, and security -- senate homeland security and government affairs committee. it is chaired by tom carper. it is on the heal
to be the interesting question. the longer this program goes on, the longer people get used to being subsidized for buying a car. steve: one of the arguments in the first place to get people onboard for cash for clunkers is they said this is really going to spur people buying american cars. not so fast. it turns out four of the five top cars we told you yesterday are made by foreign brands. now, yesterday, according to data we had, the ford focus was number one. but now look at this. toyota corolla number one. ford focus number two. honda civic number three. toyota prius number four. and toyota camry number five. so essentially cash for clunkers has turned into a huge bailout for toyota. peter: and the transportation secretary yesterday in the interview gretchen conducted made it clear in response to our question. well, yeah, this is an american program. this was done to benefit american cars. gretchen: but under the auspice of the fact that a lot of those toyotas artoyotas are manufactun the u.s. but the p.r. message is not a good one. a very interesting point that i would like to make is -- y
much for being with us, mr. haros. here now, wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >>> rick, thank you. happening now, breaking news. an historic vote by the united states senate confirming judge sonia sotomayor as the first hispanic justice of the united states supreme court. we have reaction from president obama that's just in. also, former president bill clinton peppered with questions about his successful mission to bring back two american journalists from north korea. what he's saying and what he isn't saying. >>> plus, cnn marks 200 days in office for president obama with a new national report card and a new poll on the president's approval rating. is the public still backing the president? i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> following breaking news this hour. federal appeals court judge sonia sotomayor just confirmed by the senate to be the country's 111th supreme court justice. only the third woman and most significantly the first hispanic to sit on the nation'
, right? >> i am saying there is a trust gap that is growing, and as you just articulately put it for us, we are seeing promises being broken in other regards, and when it comes to my personal privacy, the privacy of my own conversation and, neil, as i might add, this is not about a suspicious suitcase being left in the middle of grand central station or some vehicle parked somewhere that looks suspicious. this is something that has something to do with the core fundamental principles of health care, and we are having our debate about that. if we are not able to have that in the privacy of our own homes and in casual conversation, this is no longer america. neil: thank you. we would read what kevin has put out, because he has framed this debate way beyond a liberal or conservative conversation. left, white, red, blue. this is just plain illegal. our senior analyst judge andrew napolitano joins us. it is illegal? >> yes. when richard nixon was worried about anti-war protesters during the vietnam era, he said fbi agents and undercover cia agents under cover, which is against the law to be
understand the voting the underway. we just saw senator al franken speaking a short time ago. give us some perspective on the politics of this. we know the senators leaving are not, may vote for sonia sotomayor's con fir makfirmatic the political angle, especially with those with a growing hispanic population. >> that's right. obviously, al franken is the most junior senator. it's only democrats who serve as presiding officers. but you're right. ever since this nomination was even first floated, the name of sonia sotomayor, the first thing that came up was that wise latina remark and has been a focal point. republicans have strived for years to secure a significant portion if not a majority of the hispanic vote around this country. they failed in that very dramatically in the last presidential election of course, stepping back a considerable amount in terms of the percentage of that vote they were able to obtain. i think what you saw as a consequence is republicans mindful of the fact that they're the base of the party, the republican party, and the democratic party for that matter, wants
. use caution as you head to the commute. good news in 95 southbound and the earlier crash is cleared. in getting word of a fire and expect to see crews on the scene there. and inner loop that crash is on the scene and blocks the right shoulder. and that a wash on the scene there. and west bound parkway and crews are preparing for the water main break that has the right lane remaining block. >> this is the guy on the bike that you pass he is the one with the shoes, gloves. mir yobs -- mirrors. he is as highly educated us a you can get is hit and killed by a truck. this what happened on tuesday morning right at the maryland avenue at west laf net near penn station. >> reporter: jack yates was a biker for 20 years. he was hit by a truck and killed. he was hit as the driver made a turn from maryland avenue. the accident was caught on camera but they could not make out the license plate. he was on his way to the university of baltimore where he was pursuing his third master's degree. his family says that he was always safe on his bike and had mirrors on the helmet. and clipped the back w
will be the next supreme court justice, the u.s. senate today confirmed judge sonia sotomayor as the first hispanic justice on the supreme court. only the third female justice in all of u.s. history. she is all but officially on the court. that comes with a swearing-in ceremony saturday. first came today's history-making vote. approving the nominee as it turns out by a comfortable margin. we begin here tonight with our justice correspondent pete williams at the supreme court building. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, judge sotomayor watched the vote at the federal courthouse in new york about half an hour away from the public housing project where she grew up. and around the country hispanic groups were celebrating. sotomayor! sotomayor! sotomayor! >> reporter: huge cheers in los angeles where hispanic supporters joined to watch the historic senate vote. here and at similar gatherings around the country pride in having a supreme court justice from the nation's fastest growing minority, now 15% of the population. >> i was just so elated, thrilled. i had to jump up. this was a moment we have b
. better look out. then, it is unbelievable. average americans -- that is us -- getting bamboozled. big corporate weasels law and cheap, and who pays the price? hereรง is a hit. -- big corporate weasels liw and e and cheat. and one of the release to journalists in her own words. -- here is a hit. and passionate voters voicing their objections -- here is a hit -- hint. the dnc has another word for the protesters. "angry mob." >> they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they have lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that were when their economy and cost millions of jobs. now, rush limbaugh and the others have the same goal to distort president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. >> it will break camp. >> i hope he fails. >> -- it will break him. >> they have no desire to move the country forward, so they have called out the mob. call the republican party. tell them you have had enough with the mob. the democratic national committee is responsible for the
you have in there you seem to be disagreeing with what several of us talked about or argued about earlier. >> this is the original bill. >> i don't want to find out you voted for something and we looked at this and it's a different bill. >> when one protestor asked for a show of hands from those in the room who oppose any form of socialized or government run health care congressman green asked for another show of hands for anyone in the room with medicare. many of the same hands went up. tea party protestors who believe they are against government run health care either don't know or don't care that they are at this moment receiving government health care. whether public or private the overwhelming majority of protestors at congressman green's town hall meeting already had health care coverage. >> i'd like to know how many people in this room do not have health insurance of some kind. i think that's the answer to the question. i think the people who are objecting are the people who -- >> time to call in our own eugene robinson pulitzer prize winning columnist and associate editor
, and if congress creates government-run health insurance, should lawmakers have to use it? we report. you decide. all that, plus the fox all-stars. "special report" starts now. cheer clear chris: welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the obama administration's cash for clunkers program is looking for a $2 billion refill. the senate is expected to vote before it goes on august recess whether to approve more money for rebates that have encouraged tens of thousands of people to trade in their own gas guzzlers for new more fuel efficient cars. white house correspondent wendell goler is live with an update. good evening, wendell. >> chris, this legislation passed by a 3-1 margin in the house an harry reid is confident he has the votes to pass it in the senate but lawmakers are spending hours debating amendments they know will be rejected just to get their objections on the record before they go home for the august break. as of yesterday, the clunkers program had burned through three-quarters of the billion dollars congress initially appropriated, suggesting the original $4 billi
the senate confirmed sotomayor to the u.s. supreme court. >> her nomination passed by a vote of 68-31, making her the first hispanic justice to serve on the high court. steve handelsman joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: thanks. good afternoon. the outcome of this sotomayor confirmation vote was not in doubt, but this was still dramatic in the u.s. senate. >> mr. gregg, aye. >> reporter: the final vote looked like history in the making. senator stint to say yay or nay. raised poor in new york, parents from puerto rico, brilliant student, prosecutor and federal judge for 17 years. nominated by president obama, sotomayor will be the first hispanic to sit on the supreme court. every democrat heaped on praise. >> judge sotomayor is clearly a moderate. she is highly qualified. she is extremely intelligent, and she represents the american ideal that at the end of the day race and ethnicity and class aren't supposed to predetermine anything. >> reporter: nine republicans voted yes. >> judge sotomayor's decisions are not outside the legal mainstream. >> reporter: most republicans
firefighters find several dozens snakes inside a home today when they respond to a call. >>> the u.s. senate this afternoon voted to confirm sonja sotomayor as the first hispanic justice of the u.s. supreme court. she is now poised to become that first latina to ever hold that position. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. jim and doreen are off this evening. tomorrow with a deadline, the senate is racing to complete other action, as well. >> reporter: good evening. up here on the hill today, the outcome of the sotomayor confirmation balloting was not in doubt, but this was still dramatic in the senate. the final vote looked like history in the making. senators standing to say yes or no. >> the yays are 68 and the nays are 31. >> reporter: confirmed as a supreme court justice sonja sotomayor 57, raised poor in new york, parents from puerto rico, a brilliant student, a prosecutor, a federal judge for 17 years. nominated by presidentobama, sotomayor will be the first has panic to sit o the supreme court. every democrat heaped on praise. >> she is extremely intelligent and she represents the am
be used to extract money from your account and put it into the accoun heofpe tople doing this. >> he recommends that people their systems, and update their antivirus software. in washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now and >> we should expect to see cyber attacks just like this one continue rather frequently. for more information about this cyber attack and for tips on how to protect your personal information, go to our website, and click on the twitter, facebook story. >>> president barack obama is headed to mcclane tonight to give a midsummer boost for creigh deeds. as peggy fox reports, there is a debate over whether a presidential visit would help or hurt. >> college students played a big role in electing barack obama. the first democratic candidate to win in virginia in 40 years. but the president's approval numbers have been slipping. >> our economy is struggling. i know he inherited it from bush, but he hasn't done anything in my view to necessarily strengthen that yet. he is a lot like the old system. it's not the change that people expected. >> even stude
used to drag around -- >> i told her to keep the leg, because when i get done with her legally in court, she's not going to have another leg to stand on. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> 2.5 million have voted for the cnn national report card. i'll be back with coverage in one hour. let's go to the lou. >>> good evening, everybody. president obama's pole numbers are plunging after 200 days in office. his critics say the president has lost control of his agenda. we'll have complete coverage for you. three top political analysts will be here. also, the showdown over the president's health care plan is turning nasty. the democratic national committee saying republicans have called out the mob. a leading republican senator accuseless the white house of compiling an enemy's list. and rising anger after a federal judge has ordered the state of california to free tens of thousands of prisoners, almost one-third of the state's prison population. we'll have that special report. >>> but first, 200 days into his presidency, barack obama faces a major test of leadership. the pre
. i'm so glad you're with us. i'm christi paul. thank you for being here. we do have breaking news we want to get to you first and foremost here. a probably have noticed this if you're member. hackers brought down the networking site twitter with a denial of service attack. this website was down for two hours this morning. a message posted on twitter's home page says the site is still under attack. now, a denial of service attack is when hackers try to overwhelm the website and tie up its server. shutting down the site. facebook representatives also say they're looking into the problem on their web scythe as well. we're going to bring you more details as they become available. >>> meanwhile, three women who died in the shooting rampage of the pennsylvania gym have been identified now. and some newly discovered youtube videos are shedding light into the shooter's home life and his everyday routine. susan candiotti is in pennsylvania. she has all the new developments for us here. the videos just seem so bizarre. >> reporter: well, it's also unusual and very eerie to now see this person
, the number, 1-877-tell-hln. you can e-mail us,, or text us at hlntv, just start your message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. -- captions by vitac -- >>> this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. an in-depth look into the mind of a murderer. the man who entered an aerobics class near pittsburgh. police say he was hell-bent on shooting them because they're women. we're just getting a look at videos of this sick man posted online last year. here's a clip. >> it is easy for me to hide from my emotions for one more day. take a long drive in the car, listen to some music, daydream, or just do some mundane task around the house that really doesn't need to be done that's not too important. and there you go. one more day. and one more day turns into one more year. >> chilling, almost hearing words from the grave there. not only do we know that he killed three women, there are pictures of two of the dead, and shot a pregnant woman. that's the lady on the far right. she was the one injured. shot her twice in the shoulder. thankfully she's going to
through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. sean: is this a propaganda victory for kim jong il? all that and much more. it seems that more and more americans are speaking out against the direction in which democrats are now taking the country. that is our headline this wednesday night. outrage. unlike when it was members of the wrong party, democrats are chastising anybody with an opinion. the democratic national committee has released an advertisement calling protesters "an angry mob." let's take a look. >> the extremist republican base is back. they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of jobs. now, republicans and their allies are organizing angry mobs just like they did during the election. their goal is to destroy president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. >> it will break him. >> i hope he fails. >> this activity is street from the playboo
to the u.s. district court for the southern district of new york the senate approved her nomination by unanimous consent. when president clinton in 1998 nominated her to the second circuit court of appeals the senate voted 67-29 to confirm her on an overwhelmingly bipartisan co. per now familiar personal story is no less impressive. the confirmation of judge sonia sotomayor to the highest court in the country will inspire girls and young women everywhere to work hard and set their dreams high. americans look to the lawmakers to work together to make the country stronger. they expect us to put partisanship aside to advance the interest of the american people. if there is one issue we should be able to come together on to put aside our differences it is the confirmation of judge sonia sotomayor to the united states supreme court. i look forward to having the opportunity to go to in support of her confirmation with the majority of my colleagues. thank you, mr. president and thank you senator klobuchar. >> i yield back
. >>> good morning. thanks for joining us on this thursday. we now know the gunman who went on that deadly rampage at a suburban pittsburgh gym had no criminal record and no history of mental illness. but his chilling online diary, reveals a tortured, lonely man, fueled by hatred. >> the target of george sodini's rage, women. john berman has the latest from bridgeville, pennsylvania. >> reporter: police say george sodini had no relationship with any of the women he shot here. george sodini said he had no relationship with any women at all. we know that because the 48-year-old law firm systems analyst tried to tell us. in a soul-spilling blog. a road map to murder. why do this to young girls? he asks. just read below. in december of 2008, he writes, no girlfriend since 1984. who knows why. i'm not ugly or too weird. no sex since july 1990, either. the l.a. fitness club member fretted over appearance. december 29th, 2008. just got back from tanni. been doing this for a while. i actually look good. i dress good. am clean-shaven, bathe, touch of colon. yet, 30 million women rejected me over an
economists as well as "business week's" diane brady with us in a few moments. and we have here on set, christine romans and suzanne malveaux. we start with suzanne. clearly a lot of challenges. when he gets it grade, from our polling, people are saying there's still work to be done on the economy. >> the one thing you hear from president obama is i inherited this problem. this is a big problem i got from president bush. one thing they accomplished and they're proud of is the stimulus package. you say, look, you can see that recovery in the housing market. you can see some signs of things changing, turning around, they perhaps headed off the worst depression of all time by being in the deep recession. the second thing is they've taken on the auto industries looking for general motors. the cash for clunkers program incredibly popular. billions of dollars have poured in to this. they've managed to increase the sales, chrysler, gm, honda, you name it. taking on wall street. it's a campaign pledge. they wanted to clean up their act. so they've gotten tougher regulations. one of the things
numbers if you would like to call us all -- with your thoughts. host: john solomon, we were looking at your front page and you have such a wealth of different topics and big issues. i thought we would spend our first half hour going round robin. let us start with your exclusive interview yesterday with admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs, on afghanistan. guest: it was a very stark interview. he said, listen, i am not going to lie to you, we are in a big hole. we start our military and diplomatic resources there. we created a culture of poverty, that caught our ears, in our own military. it will take us many years to dig out of it. he gave a candid and bleak assessment and said it is an uphill slog. i think a lot of people are still focused in iraq but the afghan theatre is becoming more prominent. host: what does he mean by a culture of poverty? guest: they were so used to doing without, whether it is military equipment or specialties needed in the field, particularly dealing with the civilian side would you are doing the nation building. the military sort of got into
sotomayor opposed to win and become the third woman and first hispanic to become a u.s. supreme court judge. >> if the u.s. senate will confirm sonia sotomayor by your to be associate justice of the supreme court. >> today the vote culminates. the majority of republicans will not vote in favour. >> i must withhold. i will withhold my consent. >> eight republicans and all democrats point at her record as a reason to confirm. >> she is a judge of unimpeachable character and integrity. these critics have chosen to ignore her cents of record and judicial modesty and restraint. >> the house has approved funding for "cash for clunkers." lawmakers reached a deal to provide $2 billion to extend the program through labor day. they hope consumers will bring in half a million more gas guzzlers for rebates on more efficient ones. a full vote of the senate expected on sonia sotomayor my for today. after that the summer recess begins tomorrow. >> looks like a home prices are expected to fall again next year. that means nearly half of all u.s. homeowners will owe more than their house is worth in 2011. if
's money they will put to use for new programs immediately. in an effort to keep trains and passengers safe in the nation's capital, the department of homeland security has given metro $9.5 million in grant money for counterterrorism. >> by having more visibility out there, higher visibility in the system, it's very important to us. to get 20 new people out into the system, it is a significant budgetary issue for us. >> reporter: that's not all they will use the money for. metro will equip and train five antiterrorism teams. the four officers on each team will be responsible for random patrols of metro facilities and vehicles and a quicker response to suspicious packages and other threats good so we can collect more data as to what's going on in that system. some will be uniform. some will be casual flows out in the system. >> reporter: in addition to gathering intelligence and sharing information with federal and local law enforcement, metro will also use the money to implement new technology. in particular, cameras and radio communications. this comes just weeks after the worst accident i
. >> the state code says city owned property is tax exempt if it is used for governmental purposes. that's all part of the investigation. >> you evaluate those properties based on what is in the best interest of the public good today. i would say whatever arrangements we make would be opened to the public. they would be based on fair market value. >> i'm suray chin where acting chief took over the position of top cop 12 days ago in a swirl of controversy. the latest embarrassment involves two officers under investigation. chief cook would not confirm reports that allege one of the officers sexually assaulted a woman. in the past two weeks, a total of four employees with the alexandria police department have been arrested, including former chief, david baker on dui charges. in light of these issues, the acting chief is working hard to regain the trust and creditability. >> our public image, of course, is damaged somewhat when something like this happens. if you will, it is more of a strike to the agency and not a knockout. >>> and right now, president obama is at the podium at that fundraise
? the u.s. postal service may lose $7 billion this fiscal year. wait until you hear what you might lose. >>> there's a lot of funny stuff going on. i overlooked a lot of things and, you know, you try and look -- see the best in people, not the worst. >> and a sure sign the honeymoon is over. your wife of six months allegedly takes out a contract on you. the tears may be fake, but the charges are real. >>> hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield, filling in today for kyra phillips, live at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. and you're in the "cnn and you're in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> 200 days, 2 key missions. president obama is closing out his second 100 days in office with headway against the recession. headwinds against the campaign to overhaul health care. this hour, we'll look at both, ahead of cnn's prime-time "national report card." >>> let's start, where else? with "ish show number 1." signs of hope are popping up across the economy. the latest just this morning. first-time jobless claims dropped last week more than expected. car sales ar
>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. time to get a check of our weather and traffic. >> the first batches. to get through and then another badge will get through later on. -- the first batch is going to get through and then another batch will get through later today. most of the activity is to the south and east of the city. let us take a look at our current temperatures. 75 degrees downtown, 72 degrees at the airport. our highest in the low 80's zero around the airport plans to cloud cover. enjoy the cooler temperatures while you can because it will get warmer this weekend. >> there are some early morning accident. in jessup, there is an accident there. we are looking at some other problems such as the transformer fire on courtney wrote. this accident is gone off the inner loop of the beltway. there are ongoing water main break repairs which caused delays yesterday and is expected to do the same today. here is a live view outside. 95 at the fort mchenry looking pretty good. the toll plaza is looking good as well. volume is building
whether it one way to reach common ground is for us to list a series of factors that the arbitrator would consider as part of a binding arbitration, including others that are more acceptable to you. >> it certainly has possibilities. we would be happy to submit a list. >> i will also think about what you had to say. i take it that both of you, worth this amendment not in our legislation, would support this legislation. >> yes. >> so you feel so strongly about the amendment, that that would lead you to oppose something you think is good for the postal members, if it were not for the amendment, correct? >> correct. >> did you want to say something? >> i have every confidence this congress that will not pass the legislation that includes an anti-union amendment. >> i hope we can come to a point, because it is so critical to get -- not just for the postal service for everybody who pays for it gets mail, but to your workers that we get this passed, and we figure out a way to find common ground. i thank you all very much. i think it is important to say this probably will go to the floor of the
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